Sweet Sabudana Khichadi

(Link to Marathi Recipe)

My ajji used to fast on Mondays and that too without salt. She rarely ate anything on her fasting days, a tea during the day, or a banana . Once in a while she would make sweet tapioca khichadi. It is been 15 + years since I ate sweet khichadi. My mom makes it sometimes for us. Today was suddenly reminded of her sweet khichadi, so posting it here on a new blog!

1 cup Soaked Sabudana
1 / 4 cup Roasted Peanut Powder
1 / 4 cup Sugar
1 tbsp ghee (can be omitted)
A little freshly grated coconut

Preparation -
1 . Please mix soaked sabudana and peanut powder.
2 . Heat ghee(if using) the thick bottom pan.
3. Add sabudana mixture and saute until sabudana turns translucent.
4. Cover and let it cook for 3-4 minutes on very low heat.
5. Remove from heat, add sugar and mix well.
6. Cover and let it sit for 4-5 minutes or sugar is melted completely.
7. Sprinkle freshly grated coconut and enjoy!

Notes - 

  • Do not add sugar while sauteing as sugar can burn.
  • You can make this khichadi without any oil or ghee. 


  1. Hi Mints, I've only had sabudana in the sweet kheer and savory khichdi and vadas. Your sweet khichadi version sounds very tasty and I would love to try it soon.
    I love the new look, but I also always enjoyed the chatter and the pictures. Hope to continue seeing more of those. :)

  2. Hi Vaishali, welcome here. Try this recipe if you like Sabudana.

    I have not intentions to close down original blog, just posted new recipe there. Here I am just going to add few notes, and menu combinations worked for me when I call people over.


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